What Is It?

The Victoria Guerrilla Drive-In appears in the dead of night, projecting films in the middle of the most barren parts of the urban landscape. Using digital projectors and low-power radio broadcast equipment, we use the backs of buildings to screen cool and interesting movies.

Though we do accept donations to aid our running costs, Guerilla Drive-In is, and will always be, free!

Where Is It?

Under the stars and streetlamps, in an alley somewhere near you, we play our movies with audio quietly broadcast only to our attentive audiences. Anywhere in and around Victoria, BC can be our theatre! Location information is sent out via the mailing list prior to showtime.

What Should I Bring?

  • A portable FM radio to hear the audio
  • Food to share with your friends and neighbours
  • Blankets to stay warm
  • Chairs to sit on (summer)
  • A vehicle to sit in (winter)

  • What Can I Do?

    We would love it if you brought some food to share, helped us with location ideas, or gave us a copy of a short film you have made to play before the main movie!

    And at the end of the night, we disappear like Kaiser Soze: "...and like that *poof* ...he was gone!"

    What's What


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